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The idea is to comprehend “others” concepts
Now take a look of some connotations at #Urbanopedias
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 OCT 31st  &   NOV 1st    2015

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What is Urbanopedias? Urbanopedias is an urban intervention that is going to take place in Germany and Venezuela at the same time, as part of the exhibition “ART IN RESISTANCE” in the “SPIELART Festival 2015”


What is it for? The main purpose is to share, compare and understand the connotation of 16 words, the same for both countries. The selected words are the most recurrent ones that Venezuelan government uses in political speeches. Every word represents a year of the “Bolivarian revolution”. 


How does it work?

1.0: I encourage you to define as many words as you want from those 16 words. You might write and/or draw, and feel free to make an art piece over the paper sheet, even if somebody else already wrote over it. Take your time.

2.0: In order to compare idiosyncrasies, the project would be covered in 2.0 (social networks @URBANOPEDIAS), so that Venezuelans can read German concepts and vice versa. People around the world are welcome to share their connotations through internet as well.

The idea is to comprehend “others” concepts. So, let’s start!



 - Take a marker and write or draw your own definition/interpretation of the word you´d like to describe

 - Define as many words as you like

 - Return the marker and look through the “Urbanopedias” at other definitions

 - Take a picture of your definition and post it on Instagram or twitter with #Urbanopedias and tag us @Urbanopedias, so people around the world can read it

 - Now take a look of what Venezuelans answered in #Urbanopedias and follow us @urbanopedias if you’d like to keep in touch


The words we are defining are:

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